Mill Creek Drive-In
10050 Firemans Park Lane
Mill Creek, PA 17060
Looking for the Clifton 5 Theatre?
Find it here.

Sunday is $20/car load night.
Maximum number of people per car load is equal to the number of seatbelts in your vehicle.

Closed Today
The theatre is closed today.

Ticket prices:

  • Adults: $8
  • Children and seniors: $5


A "Food/Drink Permit" must be purchased with admission for movies if you bring any food or drink into the drive-in. (This includes bottled water, candy etc.)

Outside Food / Drink Permit (1 per vehicle) is $10.00.

Why charge you a fee to bring food into the Drive-In? All movie theaters rely on concession sales to make the business work. A large percentage of gate receipts goes to the Movie Companies.

This small fee will allow customers who wish to bring their own food and/or drinks to the Drive-In the flexibility to do so while enabling us to stay in business to entertain you again next year.

A fine of $15 will be charged when customers do not comply with this policy, or customers may choose to leave the drive-in without a refund in lieu of paying the fine.